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Honeymoon Specials Dubai

The land of fancy cars, sky scrapers, best laid roads, tall and fashionable buildings, perfect city traffic rules, luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture. Have you ever visited a city which 'wows' you in every nook and corner? Dubai does. It is the most populous city out of the 7 cities of United Arab Emirates and it has been gaining popularity in the tourism sector.

Simple things like a ride around Sheik Syed Road, breath-taking view from Burj Khalifa, the light and water show, exhilarating water games in Atlantic, Worlds biggest Dubai Mall, Lego land, Ferrari World, Dubai Creek, desert safari, Hop on hop off tours, Abu Dhabi city tour and not to mention the innumerable shopping options. The United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer.

Visit the fantabulous city as a honeymoon destination or a family outing or to attend conferences. It gives you more than you ask for. Best time to visit – November through March.