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    Odisha is the modern city of the famous ancient Kalinga. Odisha is known for its rich culture and enormous number of ancient cities. In fact Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Odisha, is known as the city of temples.

    It is surrounded by the states of West Bengal to the north-east, Jharkhand to the north, Chhattisgarh to the west and north-west, and Andhra Pradesh to the south.

    Odisha attracts its visitors with its scenic, serene, and sublime natural beauty. Here you can find a unique combination of beautiful locations, exotic cultures, and warm and friendly people. The main attractions here are the long coastline, towering mountains, serene lakes, Temples and beautiful dancing rivers.

    Rightly called the Goa of the East, Odisha is a land like no other. The nature hasn’t been kind to this eastern state but Odisha never ceased to fight back, it never lost its faith and spirit. Perhaps Lord Jagganath’s bounty blessings have given the Oriya people hope to persevere and courage to carry out their desired lifestyle. Not untouched by modernity, the state has bridged the gaps between its past and present by keeping its traditions and culture alive. From its beautiful Odissi dance to the exquisite Talapattachitra, from the magnificent rock-cut caves to the pristine Chandipur beach and from the holy abode of Lord Jagganath to the Nandankanan Zoo, it is unlikely to see a land that flourish so well with paradoxes.


    Barcelona in One DayTOTAL TIME OF TOUR – 8 HOURS

    Meet the most important points of Barcelona with this complete tour in one day. Take a look around the popular Güell Park which has over 100 years of history.Then, get inside the history of the SagradaFamilia Cathedral where you will see the facades and the interior of the basilica. You will also have the chance to know the beautiful neighborhood known as the Gothic Quarter. It is called like this because it used to be known as the Roman village, and therefore has some remnants of its glorious past. You will also visit the imposing building of the Nation- al Art Museum of Cataluña, which was created for the International Exhibition of 1929. The amazing palace classical style was inspired by the Renaissance, there you will find art collections that include: Romantic art, Gothic art, Renaissance and Baroque art, Modern art, among others

    Barcelona Aquarium TOTAL TIME – 1 DAY [MORNING 10:30 TO EVENING 05:30]

    The aquarium is the world’s most important sea life leisure and education centre dedicated to the Mediterranean. Behold the denizens of the deep in the 35 tanks that are home to more than 11,000 animals from 450 species and walk through a spectacular 80-metre-long underwater tunnel. There’s also an immense Oceanarium, unique in Europe, with incredibly diverse species from giltheads to ocean sunfish, rays to morays and two kinds of sharks.Among the other attractions are the coral reefs, entranced by the mini-aquaria where you get close up to the fascinating world of seahorses and other smaller sea creatures such as the captivating sea eagles and colourful sea anemones.

    Sweet walking tour in BarcelonaTOTAL TOUR TIME – 3 HOURS

    Our friendly food connoisseur guide will lead you along this luscious walking tour that will start in a monastic pastry and sweet shop where you will be told how it all began. Learn how in the monasteries, medieval monks and nuns elaborated homemade delicacies that have been passed down to us. In Spain there are still many monasteries that to this day make these small pieces of heaven, some of which you will be able to taste, accompanied by a small glass of the special wine used in religious services.

    Head into the Gothic Quarter, strolling along the narrow and ancient streets where the chocolate guild was located a few centuries ago. Here we can smell the sweetest scents of the city that will make you crave chocolate and other delicious goodies. Two more exquisite stops are still waiting ahead before the tour finishes in the Born area with a tasting of some of the local treats.

    Tablao Palacio de Flamenco

    The Palacio del Flamenco is one of the best places in Barcelona to experience this passionate and fiery art form. This modern tablao is located in a tastefully renovated old style music hall, bang in the heart of Barcelona. Choose from a range of different menu options available in the palacio's excellent restaurant and then enjoy the show with a drink. Journey through the different palos of flamenco from the sensual through to the heart-rending and apotheosic in this unforgettable evening.

    Barcelona City Tour with Boat Trip around the Coast


    • Visit Barcelona at your own pace
    • Enjoy an open air double decker bus
    • Sail around the coast on a delightful boat tour
    Columbus ViewpointDURATION – FULL DAY TOUR

    The Columbus Monument which was dedicated in 1888 as part of the ceremonies marking the Universal Exhibition, stands at the end of La Rambla of Barcelona, near the sea. Take the lift inside the column to the viewing gallery at the top, a viewpoint 60 meters above the ground, where you can enjoy great views of Barcelona. Enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona from the top of the monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus (1452-1506), the navigator who discovered America in October 1492. In 1881, Barcelona City Council agreed to erect the monument as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who chose to disembark in the port of Barcelona on his return from America.